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50 levs, 1999

Pencho Slaveykov's likeness appears on the obverse side of the banknote. The background includes detail fragments of the National Theatre and the National Library: institutions linked with the poet's artistic and public activity.

Pencho Slaveykov (1866 - 1912)

His contribution to the convergence of Bulgarian to world letters make this poet, columnist, translator and literary critic on of Bulgaria's most enduring literary classics. His character and writings left a powerful and enduring impression on Bulgarian intellectual development.

Major theme of the banknote's reverse side are Slaveykov's poems: the national epic “A Song of Blood”, and a set of plates from his anthology "Epic Songs"; the facsimile shows a page of its first edition. The poet's intimate lyricism forms a second theme, represented by the “Dream of Joy” anthology, and a portrait of his great love - fellow poet Mara Belcheva.

Technical Characteristics

Background colour - brown.

Paper - 100% cotton, in reseda tones.

Dimensions - 136 x 76 mm.

Security Features

Anti-copy Stripe - a hologram stripe consisting of alternating images of a bird (an element of the design on the reverse of the banknote), the figure “50" and the text “ЛЕВА” (LEVS) appearing as miniprint, which change their colour when seen from a different angle.

Security Thread - a thread incorporated in the banknote paper with the text “БНБ 50” (BNB 50) appearing as a negative microprint.

Watermark - a half-tone outline of the portrait depicted on the banknote.

Fluorescence - elements of the pattern, serial numbers and fibres in the paper fluoresce under UV light.

Transparent register element - when the banknote is held against the light the figure “50” is seen in a square checkered field.

Microprint on the obverse - the texts “ПЕНЧО СЛАВЕЙКОВ” (PENCHO SLAVEYKOV) to the left of the portrait and in the two vertical lines to the right of the portrait; the text “ПЕТДЕСЕТ ЛЕВА” (FIFTY LEVS) in the area of the right of the portrait; the text “50 ЛЕВА” (50 LEVS) printed within the boundaries of the denomination figure “50”.

Microprint on the reverse - the text “ПЕНЧО СЛАВЕЙКОВ” (PENCHO SLAVEYKOV) forming a vertical stripe in the left side of the banknote.

The obverse of the banknote features the embossed portrait, texts “БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА”, “ПЕТДЕСЕТ ЛЕВА” (BULGARIAN NATIONAL BANK, FIFTY LEVS), the figure of the denomination “50”, the vignette, and the text “50 ЛЕВА” (50 LEVS) on the anti-copy stripe.

Visually impaired aid - two embossed triangles pointed at each other.