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10 levs, 2008

The obverse side of the banknote features the portrait of dr. Petar Beron, the vertical prints – “Петър Берон” (Petar Beron) and “1799–1871”, as well as the nominal value of the coin in figures and in words.

The reverse side shows sketches taken from Peter Beron's treatises, his personal telescope, and the nominal value of the banknote in figures and in words.

Technical Characteristics

Background colour - olive.

The paper – high quality banknote paper, toned in beige.

Dimensions - 126 x 70 mm.

Security Features

Raised print - the portrait of Dr. Petar Beron, the words “БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА” (BULGARIAN NATIONAL BANK) and “ДЕСЕТ ЛЕВА” (TEN LEVS), the figure “10”, the vignette and the words “10 ЛЕВА” (10 LEVS) appearing on the holografic stripe.

Visually impaired aid - a raised image of a rectangle and circle beneath.

Watermark - a half-tone image of the portrait from the banknote and contrasting initials “БНБ” (BNB) (new element).

Security thread (new design) - a metallized strip woven into the paper with a minitext “БНБ 10” (BNB 10), partially showing through on the reverse side of the banknote, changing colour from green to red at a different viewing angle, when observed through a polarized filter, tilted black and white stripes can be seen on the reverse side of the banknote’s security strip.

See-through register – as the banknote is held against the light, the figure “10” appears within a rectangular chequered field.

Copy prevention stripe – a holographic stripe featuring a globe with telescope and planet alternating when the viewing angle is changed, images of the number “10” glinting in more effect and chanding colour through motion; demetallized edge of the holographic stripe with a minitext “БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА 10” (BULGARIAN NATIONAL BANK 10).

Hidden image (new element) – at a viewing angle of 15-20 degrees, the words “10 ЛЕВА” (10 LEVS) appear on the right of the holographic stripe.

Visually impaired aid - an embossed rectangle and the circle underneath.