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11 April 2012

In relation to the draft Law on the Amendments to the State Fund for Guaranteeing the Stability of the State Pension System (the so called Silver Fund) the Bulgarian National Bank declares that so far it had refrained from any public comments on this issue in spite of the great interest shown by the media and the political forces represented in the parlianment. In line with its institutional policy, the central bank refrains in principle from expressing any public views on ideas and discussions presented by the media. As in this case the subject is a draft law of the Council of Ministers, the BNB is obliged to make public its position unanimously adopted at a session of the BNB Governing Council and forwarded to Mr. Simeon Dyankov, Minister of Finance, in a letter of 21 March 2012.

The full text of the position can be found here.

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BNB Position Изтегли PDF (140 KB)