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28 June 2014

Address by the BNB Governing Council

Over the last week, the major political powers have repeatedly declared their readiness to support the BNB actions in guaranteeing the stability of the banking system. As everyone is now convinced, the steady and smooth operation of the banking sector is not an end in itself, but is of primary public significance. The financial and banking stability is the outcome of the efforts of several Bulgarian Governments and several Bulgarian Parliaments – the result of the efforts of an entire generation.

We, therefore, turn once again to all political leaders with the appeal to restrict their public speaking on the subject of banks. The current moment is extremely unsuitable for this purpose.

We call upon the politicians and the whole society for a sober and reasonable judgment as regards every word and every action on the subject of banks.

Today is the time for consolidation, for solidarity and national consensus for the good of all Bulgarian citizens.

We appeal to all institutions and political powers, tomorrow, during the political consultations with the President of the Republic, to take a common stand in support of the efforts of the Bulgarian National Bank and the Bulgarian Government to safeguard the financial and banking stability and the constructive direction of the development of our society.