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22 October 2015

From 7 December 2015 BNB puts into
circulation a new 2-lev circulation coin, issue 2015

Today the Governing Council of the Bulgarian National Bank made a decision from 7 December 2015 to release into circulation as legal tender a new circulation coin with nominal value 2 levs, issue 2015.

The obverse of the coin features in the centre of the inner circle the nominal value indicated by the figure ‘2’ furrowed by lines. On the periphery there is a graphical pattern of crossing lines both on the inner circle and the outer ring. The lower side of the coin features the inscription ‘ЛЕВA’ (levs) with the letters starting from the outer ring and crossing into the inner circle, and the year of issue ‘2015’ is on the outer ring to the right of the wording ‘ЛЕВA’.

The reverse of the coin features on the inner circle the stylized effigy of Paisius of Hilendar and the years ‘1722 – 1773’, and on the outer ring the inscriptions ‘ПАИСИЙ ХИЛЕНДАРСКИ’ (Paisius of Hilendar) and ‘БЪЛГАРИЯ’ (Bulgaria).

Technical specifications of the coin:

• issue – 2015;

• nominal value –2 levs;

• metal – a bi-component coin; inner circle of yellowish CuNiZn alloy; outer ring of white CuNi alloy;

• quality – BU;

• weight – 9 g;

• diameter – 26.5 mm;

• edge – alternating serrated and smooth sectors.

Artistic design Vanya Dimitrova.

BNB underscores that the two-lev banknotes, issues 1999 and 2005 will remain legal tender circulating in parallel with the new two-lev circulation coin.

In relation to the compliance with the requirements under Ordinance No. 18 on the Control over Quality of Banknotes and Coins in Cash Circulation, persons professionally engaged in the course of their business in activities of coin processing by sorting machines and customer-operated machines may contact the Bulgarian National Bank for more information and assistance at address: Sofia 1000, 1, Knyaz Alexander І Sq. e-mail: press_office@bnbank.org.

The coin will be officially presented on 26 November 2015, and the presentation will mark the start of the information campaign.