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2 levs, 2018

The obverse of the coin features in the centre of the inner circle the nominal value is indicated by the figure ‘2’ furrowed by lines. On the periphery there is a graphical pattern of crossing lines both on the inner circle and the outer ring. The lower side of the coin features the inscription ‘ЛЕВA’ (levs) with the letters starting from the outer ring and crossing into the inner circle. The year of issue ‘2018’ is on the outer ring to the right of the wording ‘ЛЕВA’.

The reverse of the coin features the logo of the
Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018; the inscription ‘Българско председателство на Съвета на ЕС’ (Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU) and ‘eu2018bg’ in circumference.


Nominal value

2 levs


two-component coin; inner circle of goldish alloy – CuNiZn; outer ring of silvery alloy – CuNi

Year of issue



9 g


26.5 mm


alternately serrated and flat sectors

Artistic design

Vanya Dimitrova and a Bulgarian Mint EAD team

Прикачени файлове

Leaflet of the Coin Изтегли PDF (831 KB)