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2 levs, 1999

Obverse The portrait of Paisius of Hilendar. The background depicts the Zografou Monastery on Mount Athos, the Monastery Seal, and the interior of Pagisios' monastic cell.

Reverse a facsimile of the Zografou draft of the ‘Historiae Sclavo-Bulgaricus’ with a list of Bulgarian rulers; images of Tsar Kaloyan’s Ring Seal and three seals with the images of Bulgarian Sovereigns Mihail Shishman, Svetoslav Terter and Ivan Asen II; Hristofor Zhefarovich's crowned lion rampant; Bulgaria's Coat of Arms with three lions, as published in 1483 in the Gruenberg Heraldic Compendium.




Nominal value

2 levs


116 x 64 mm, horizontal


a half-tone silhouette of a rampant lion

Security thread

a thread incorporated in the paper with negative microprint ‘БНБ’ (BNB).

Mark for visually impaired people

two embossed rectangles

In circulation

from 5 July 1999

to 31 December 2020