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27 June 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The BNB has reiterated many times that the Bulgarian banking system has good indicators and operates smoothly. Nevertheless, over the last few days an attempt is being made to destabilize the State by means of an organized attack against Bulgarian banks, without any grounds. Since yesterday, and against one of the largest of them – First Investment Bank – this attack is being launched by an outbreak of rumors and malicious public statements. Such criminal actions are directly aimed against the savings of every Bulgarian citizen and against the financial stability as a key element of the national security of the country.

The Bulgarian National Bank explicitly states that it will use all its means and resources to guarantee peoples’ savings.

We address the Parliament, the Government and the President of the country to support our actions in protecting the financial and banking stability for the good of Bulgaria and its citizens.

We insist that the competent authorities, including the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Interior and the State Agency for National Security, apply the full force of the law against the disseminators of false and malicious rumors and speculations.